Battery Business
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Battery Business

Introduction of Battery Business

Our batteries serve as a core power supply device, and the company has made continuous efforts to provide environmentally friendly quality products meeting the needs of various companies at home and abroad. It offers a total solution ranging from design of a battery pack to its mass production while expanding areas to super-capacitors and ESS development based on continuous development in the special battery sector as a lithium battery leader.
The company will emerge as a world-renowned green energy specialist by continuing to succeed with future projects with a spirit of creativity and challenge.

Business Item

Lithium Ion battery
- LG Chem Cell & Battery
- Samsung SDI Cell & Battery
- Dikte Cell(China)

Lithium Polymer battery
- LG Chem Cell
- Power Source Energy Battery(China)
- Dikte Battery(China) etc.

HDMI Socket, Cable

DC Jack