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Air Cleaner

Introduction of Air Cleaner Business

According to results of research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA, the level of indoor air pollution is two to five times higher than that of outdoor air pollution.
It is reported that most people spend 80 to 90% of the day indoors, which indicates that indoor environmental conditions are closely related to human health.

Indoor air that most people are breathing contains 200 toxic substances, and if they conduct activities indoors, the number of harmful substances is increased by 100 times or higher. As deteriorated quality of indoor air causes various diseases, there is an urgent need to take measures to improve indoor air pollution.

An air cleaner can be used to resolve indoor air pollution because it can greatly help purify indoor air by making it possible to get rid of bacteria, fine dusts and contaminated petrochemicals that cannot be resolved with air cleaning plants or air fresheners alone.

The company is currently developing an environmentally friendly air cleaner based on a next-generation Electretizationnano Film Filter.

• Use of an electrostatic filter that collects Sick House Syndrome-inducing substances, germs and bacteria
• Resolution to ultrafine particles (not more than 0.3 micrometers) that cannot be removed with existing air cleaners
• A safe air cleaner that does not generate secondary harmful substances such as carbon and ozone

Innovative Vib Air Cleaner – Enf filter using principle of electrostatic.

The vib air purifier operates based on the principle of attracting polarized contaminants
in the air to the filter with a penetrating high polymer synthetic resin film – the EnF filter
is polarized on both sides. (one side is the anode, the other side is the cathode).
The the EnF filter collects ultrafine particles smaller than 0.3 μm, which are typically not
caught by regular HEPA filters.
(Non-polarized fine dust is also collected by the induction of static electricity as they pass through the the EnF filter.)

Visible cleanliness – EnF Filter
Check the color of the filter as it becomes thicker when polluted material is accumulated.
You can verify the life of the filter as you use it.

Health improvement
It helps prevent 21st century lifestyle people from contracting indoor diseases and clears people’s minds by revitalizing the human body.
It also helps collect harmful positive ions and reduce stress hormones to prevent such modern diseases as VDT syndrome and Sick House Syndrome and invigorate the human body.

Air purification
An air cleaner changes contaminated air into clean and fresh air.
It keeps the air clean and fresh as it collects not only contaminants existent in contaminated air such as the odor of cigarette smoke, disulfuric acid gas, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide, but also dusts and pollen.

It transforms contaminated air into clean and fresh air.
It forcibly circulates the odors of cigarettes, smelly foods and unpleasant toilet smell with a fan through the use of polarity (+,-) and removes odors with a film filter based on dust-collecting capability to create a pleasant indoor environment.

Antibacterial activity
An air cleaner removes various pathogenic organisms and germs in the air.
As it sterilizes germs or bacteria including various viruses, dysentery germs, colitis germs, staphylococcus, mites and mold or restrains the propagation of germs, it is more effective in poorly ventilated contaminated spaces or unsanitary environments with pet dogs and carpets.