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LED. Underwater fishing Light

Key Features & Technical Specifications

• Solid and corrosion-resistant due to use of reinforced plastic and stainless frame.
• Semi-permanent lifespan, which is differ from fragile halide lamp
• Usable in parallel with existing mounted product, and instantly installable and usable using supplied installation bracket
• Full waterproof and solid product endurable in rough work environment (IP68)
• Guarantee over 30,000 hours of LED service life.
• The product structure is designed for balancing between interior and exterior pressure, which provides capacity to resist water pressure in underwater environments
• The product can penetrate effective wave-length for fishing over 50M under the water level.
• Can maximize light power efficiency compare to on the ground fishing light(5 times or more efficient)
• Both AC and DC can be used for the product
-Use DC SMPS with AC 220V.
-For battery connection, you need to use an inverter (400W or higher level)

Radiation angle 360° Omnidirectional
Output Voltage(W) 150 W
Rated input voltage(V) DC 185 V
Wiring Length (M) 50 M
Dimension (mm) ∅ 62  *  550
Weight (kg) 3 kg
Luminous Flux (Lumen) 15,000 lm More than
Color Temperature (K) 8,500 K
Composition 50M Wiring + LED Light + Reel A fixed BKT + pulley block

LED Work Light

Key Features & Technical Specifications

·Solid due to use of reinforced plastic lens and aluminum radiator panel
·Semi-permanent lifespan, which is different to a fragile halogen lamp
·Can be installed instantly, using fixed bracket compatible with existing products
·Fully waterproof, vibration-proof, durable product(IP67)
·Maintains constant brightness even in voltage fluctuation
·Guaranteed for over 50,000 hours of service life
·Straight-type allows identification of an object from 400M or longer distance
·Using 20W LED Work Light for existing 120W Halogen lamp provides 10times or higher brightness and six-times or more improved mileage.
·Straight-type lens: 15°radiation angle of LED light(when intensively lighting more than 30M distance)
·Diffusion-type lens: 30°radiation angle of LED light(when broadly lighting less then 30M distance)
·SMPS (adapter) selection in the use of 220V(AC):
- For 12V LED Light Lamp: 12V, 2.5A or more.
- For 24V LED Light Lamp: 24V, 1.5A or more.

(Substitute of halogen
Lamp 120W)
LED Work lights
VWL-20S12 (15°, 12V, Straight)
VWL-20S24 (15°, 24V, Straight)
VWL-20W12 (30°, 12V, Wide)
VWL-20W24 (30°, 24V, Wide)
Beam Patterns 15° or 30°
Output Voltage 20W
Input Voltage DC 12 V or 24 V
Efficiency More than 90%
Dimension (mm) 120 * 47
Weight 0.3kg
Luminous Flux (Lumen) 1,940 lm
Color Temperature (K) 5,700K

LED Search Light

Key Features & Technical Specifications

·Cost saving and easy maintenance with 80W of low power
·Installable in various indoor/outdoor environments
·Constant brightness under current conversion
·IP 55

Radiation angle 23°
Emission target distance 1 Km More than
Rated input voltage AC 220 V, 2.7 A
Efficiency 90% More than
Dimension (mm) 134(W)*143(H)*387(D)
Weight (kg) 3.7 kg
Beam (Lumen) 8,800 lm
Color Temperature (K) 5,600 K

LED High-Bay Light

Key Features & Technical Specifications

·Best cooling performance.
·Ultra-light LED radiation fin.
·Guaranteed for over 40,000 hours of service life
·Light weight(2.5kg)
·Radiation angle : 60°

Radiation angle 15°, 30°, 60°
Rated input voltage AC 220 V
Efficiency 93% More than
Dimension (mm) 120(H)*296(Ø)
Weight (kg) 2.5 kg
Beam (Lumen) 15,500 lm
Color Temperature (K) 5,500K ~ 6,000K