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Patent on an LED Searchlight

Patent on an LED Underwater Fishing Light

Patent on an LED Underwater Fishing Light

LED System


LED Light Development Team focuses on conducting R&D on light products through the use of LED light sources, the next-generation low-carbon green light source. It is in the process of developing highly efficient, long-lasting and reliable LED light products used in ships, special vehicles and industrial plants based on years of know-how in development of LED fishing lights.

R&D Sector

• R&D on LED Underwater Fishing Light
Light Emitting Diode Underwater Fishing Light that can proactively control internal and external pressure, heat radiation and waterproofing in the underwater environment
Metal healite lamps are placed in the upper part of a ship in 90% or more of fleets of commercial phototaxis fishing ships at home and abroad, and LED lights are placed where existing metal healite lamps are installed in some ships, but their effect and distribution are insignificant.

In the era of high oil prices, existing metal healite fishing lights have a close correlation with earnings and expenses in the fishing industry, and demand for LED has been increased in the new era.

In this regard, the company focuses on developing underwater LED fishing lights that can endure pressure in the underwater environment, fundamentally block moisture and humidity and generate wavelengths useful in luring fishes in an effort to enhance energy efficiency and increase catches of fish.

The company plans to expand the special vehicle market and the underwater light market by maximizing differentiation from existing products on the strength of patented water-proofing, damp-proofing and heat-resisting products.

• Application of lighting technologies
The company is conducting R&D on LED light-related technologies.

The company is applying for patents on LED light-related technologies, registering patents and conducting governmental projects while pushing for continuous R&D activities with aims to provide quality products including landscape lights, interior lights and special lights.

Air Cleaner System


The company developed a next-generation Electretizationnano Film Filter based on the principle that polluted indoor air caused by ultra-fine dusts, tick excretion, bacteria, virus, molds, pathological bacteria, VOCs, CO and odors that cannot be removed with general air cleaning filters goes through a film filter with polarity (+,-) on both sides of high molecular synthetic resins leading contaminants with polarity opposite to electrostatic polarity to be attached to the film filter. The company is developing an environmentally friendly air cleaner to which the film filter is applied.


• R&D on an air cleaner
An air cleaner fitted with a next-generation Electretizationnano Film Filter

The company is continuously developing technologies and designs and conducting research in order to provide air cleaners that can collect ultra-fine dusts (not more than 0.3㎛) that are hard to remove through the use of a HEPA filter based on “next-generation Electretizationnano Film Filter.”

Battery System


Vibe is manufacturing battery packs that can be conveniently used with safety based on safety circuits, PCM essential to a secondary battery.
The company focuses on conducting R&D on competitive products in order to dominate the domestic market and explore overseas markets by rapidly responding to small quantity batch production system with a spirit of creativity and challenge and introducing such environmentally friendly differentiated product design technologies as battery protection circuits, smart batteries, chargers, inspection equipment for mass-production and application software on the strength of technologies that have been accumulated in the rapidly growing secondary battery market.


•R&D on batteries
Battery pack in the lithium secondary battery sector and battery pack-applied module & battery system
Vibe Technology Research Center has developed and supplied various products including Lithium Ion Battery Pack, Lithium Polymer Battery Pack, Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery Pack, ESS, HDMI Socket & Cable and DC Jack for years, while providing all services required for developing products.